The Main Room
The Main Room (pic left looking towards the rear of the building) is 15 m long x 5 m wide x 5 m high and is on the ground floor above the basement bar. There are two doors into/out of the room. One, (leading to the foyer/box office and street) is out of shot to the right; the other is at the far end of the room to the right of the window. The room seats 80 on comfortable seats which will be linked in compliance with licensing regulations.

The Stage
The room is organised so that the stage/performance area is about half-way along the wall on the left in the picture so you play across the short dimension of the room. The floor is the stage which is defined by black vinyl dance flooring approx 2.0 m deep x 4.5 m wide. The wall behind the stage is hung with black drapes to help define the stage area.

The picture on the right shows the room in use, as it will be in August 2019, at a recent Edinburgh Folk Club gig (April 24 2019); but without the wall lights.

There is one dressing room on the floor above the Main Room but there is no lift in the building, only stairs. The venue's public toilets and wash-hand basins (hot/cold water) are adjacent to the Main Room. Please note, AMC @ UCC does not supply towels.

PA System, lighting etc
The Main Room PA system comprises a good quality rig, 10 channel Soundcraft FX16 desk, two free-standing FoH speakers, mic boom stands, mics+cables, DI boxes and two foldback monitors. There is good and friendly technical assistance on hand to help you set up the gear and get ready for your show. While there are only 30 minutes to set up between shows we very rarely start a show late. This is important because (a) Fringe audiences can be very busy whizzing around the city to see as many shows as possible in a day and (b) over-running your show affects the timing of the shows which follow yours - we do not want that and don't allow it.

AV Equipment and Projection
The orientation of the stage in the room means that projection will be very difficult and in 2019 we have abandoned using projection (no shows asked for the facility). This may change in subsequent years.

NB1: if you want to film/video your show we must know as soon as possible before the show date in case seats have to be removed for camera(s) and therefore taken off sale.

NB2: All Electrical equipment brought into AMC @ UCC for use in any show must be PAT tested and certificated.